• 'Emotional Eating Support & Growth Group' - Learn to enjoy food without guilt, receive support, learn ways to make healthier food choices, and experience a new freedom and vitality in life.

  • 'Surviving Infidelity' - Dr. Needham-Penrose leads those making the tough decision to recover from the pain of infidelity. Receive support and guidance through this difficult time.

  • 'Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse' - Join other women survivors of sexual abuse for support to grow and become stronger everyday. Led by MFT Ann Arnold and MFTI Nicole Symcox.

  • '10 Week Prayer Group' - Come join others who are spiritually hungry to grow in relationship with God and enjoy a greater intimacy with Him.

  • 'Restoring the Christian Soul' - A group to help you overcome the trauma of your past and find joy and freedom in Christ.


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